, Jakarta - The governor was inactive in Jambi, Zumi Zola said he was ready to face the trial of the charges held today, Thursday (11/08/2018). Likewise, the KPK prosecutor’s camp claimed to be ready to read the indictment that had been compiled as thick as 1211 pages.

"1211 pages thick demands. Made several copies to be distributed to the panel of judges, attorneys and defendants," said KPK prosecutor, Tria Anggoro at the Jakarta Corruption Court.

It is known that Zumi Zola was charged with receiving gratuities of Rp.44 billion and one unit of the Alphard car. The money also flows to his younger brother, Zumi Laza who advanced as the Mayor of Jambi, including the flow of his wife and mother Zumi Zola.

In addition, Zumi Zola was also charged with giving a bribe of Rp. 16.4 billion to 53 Jambi provincial DPRDs for the 2014-2019 period. Bribery was allegedly so that DPRD members smoothed the Jambi Regional Budget Regional Regulation 2017-2018.

Zumi Zola bribed together with Acting Secretary of the Regional Government of Jambi Province, Erwan Malik, Acting Kadis PUPR Arfan, assistant 3 of the Jambi Province Regional Secretariat, Saipudin and Apif Firmasyah. In his examination as a defendant, Zumi Zola admitted guilty of bribing members of the DPRD.

In addition, Zumi Zola also admitted that there was gratuity money flowing for him personally, family, to the political interests of his younger brother, Zumi Laza.