iPhone XR

SURABAYAPAGI.com, Jakarta - The public’s response to the iPhone XR turned out to be according to the predictions of many parties. The latest iPhone, which is the cheapest, is in fact not getting a positive response from the public.

As a result, as reported by the Nikkei Asian Review, the production of the iPhone XR began to be reduced. Quoted from Phone Arena on Wednesday (6/11/2018), Foxconn as a manufacturing partner was asked to reduce the production line.

Initially, the Chinese manufacturing company was asked to run at least 60 production lines. However, the company now only runs 45 production lines. Not much different, Pegatron, Apple’s main partner, is also reported to have suspended plans to increase iPhone XR production.

According to related sources, Pegatron is now just waiting for further instructions from Apple about the production of the iPhone XR. Finally, the Wistron company, which is said to be joining forces to increase the number of iPhone production, is certain to cancel. In other words, the Taiwanese company will not be asked to add iPhone XR production lines for the end of the year. This condition has been predicted by several Apple supplier partners.

A number of Apple supplier partners are reportedly worried that iPhone XR orders will weaken in a short time. For your information, not only Apple, the decline in iPhone XR production will also have an impact on the earnings of its partners.

TSMC, for example, is likely to announce revenues lower than expected in the fourth quarter of 2018. As known. TSMC produces the A12 chip for the iPhone 2018, and has also been selected as the exclusive A13 manufacturing for the 2019 iPhone. In addition, Largan Precision, which makes camera lenses, is predicted to post a decline in shipments in October and lower in November 2018. Estimates for December are still unclear.

The iPhone XR is the new iPhone with the lowest price this year. The selling price starts from US $ 749 in the United States (US), and shipments in various countries will be held on October 26, 2018. In fact, Apple believes the iPhone XR will print satisfactory sales. Therefore, the company has reportedly increased the production of the iPhone XR, even though pre-orders have not been held.

One reason for Apple’s optimism towards the sale of the iPhone XR, given the price is lower than the XS series. However, there are some differences in specifications between XR and XS. Apple began pre-ordering the iPhone XR on October 19, 2018.

Consumers who are interested can do pre-orders through various channels, including Apple.com and the Apple Store application.

Apple explained the pre-order details of the iPhone XR, including prices and launch dates in various countries.

Following are the details of the selling price:

64GB iPhone XR: US $ 749 or around Rp. 11.3 million

128GB iPhone XR: US $ 799 or around Rp. 12 million

256GB iPhone XR: U $ 899 or around IDR 13.6 million