Milomir Seslija, Malang - Arema FC officially proposed the Bosnian coach, Milomir Seslija, from today until the coming year. The second coming of this middle-aged coach managed to provide fresh air for Singo Edan.

Arema Manager Ruddy Widodo said he had a specific target that had to be fulfilled by Sesliija for 2019. "You have to go up three strips compared to last year, aka ranked third," Ruddy told reporters at Arema FC Office, Malang City, East Java, yesterday.

Previously, Seslija had brought Arema FC to win the 2016 Bhayangkara Cup. In addition, he managed to get first place in the 2016 Bali Island Cup. Then he succeeded in second place in the ISC A competition in the same year.

Regarding the quality of players, Seslija admitted that he already knew the quality of the Arema game. They have good potential that only needs to be improved in the future. For sure, he continued, all players must be given the opportunity to play, especially the juniors.

Despite providing opportunities for young players, Seslija stated, would still place the seniors in his squad. The names of experienced players such as Konate Makan, Hamka Hamzah, Dendi Santoso, and Hendro Siswanto are still needed in the field.

"If we rely on young players, they need a process. So we still need senior players," he said. rk