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In recent years, the more roads that have been made, the more areas will be opened. Of course this condition provokes developers to develop their wings to build new dwellings. Even the land is only as large as one area of ??a faculty on campus, they can make it for a resident. The developers must inevitably have to compete with marketing strategies to reach as many consumers as possible. One of their strategies is labeling their property products with the term "trend".

The trend in the general sense is what is loved, but its nature is only temporary. Whereas according to Oxford dictionary, trends are a general direction in which things develop or change. Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, say trend as something modern. From the terms, we will find one thing that is certain of the term trend that we have known, that the trend is something that is considered modern but is temporary because he is constantly changing. It seems to be able to spread to almost all aspects of life. Even in the world of property, it is also known as house trends.

If we review the meaning of the word house, we will know that the house functions as a human dwelling. Apart from any form and material, the house is a place to live for human survival. Houses are primary needs that must be met. Because without a house, humans will not be able to live their lives, raise their descendants and take refuge from all forms of natural change.

Between trends that are temporary and can change, with a house that is a primary need that must exist, it does appear that there is contrast when examined. How does something that should be primary, but instead has properties that can change from time to time?

In an article on the Archipost website (www.archipost.com), the origin of the term house trend is indeed unknown. Archipost also writes that it is not appropriate to put something long-term (house, architecture) into a temporary trend bond.

This article is not justifying whether something called the trend is wrong, whether buying expensive property is wrong, but this article solely invites you to come back to the thought of buying a house. Buying a home that is more a function, will bring you into the essence of primary needs, namely the needs that must be met and cannot be postponed. Reversing the concept of owning a house in terms of function, will bring benefits such as:

1. Education, that home is a place to study. The house is the main center of the family.

2. Economical. If you choose a house to live in based on its function, then you have actually taken economic action. In addition to savings, the important thing to know is that even if the house is owned by function or trend, the house is still able to facilitate its owners to take economic actions, such as saving money, making production for sale, and so on.

3. Cultivating social values. Having a home that is more than a function is not the result of a trend, it will foster social value for the homeowner. Family member interactions will be more created.

4. Maintain the value of investment. As explained earlier, the trend must change. By focusing on the function of the house rather than just a trend, eating can be sure the owner of the house will take longer to occupy the house than those who buy a house because of trends. The longer the house is occupied, the higher the investment value.

However, the term trend is about marketing. It is true that there are many advantages to having a home that has the most updated model, but the thing to note is that it cannot be separated from the marketing strategy. Because the product of the architect is for a long period of time, while the trend is not. However, if you are still interested in buying a home based on market tastes, it really doesn’t hurt. If so, why not? If it turns out the price with the appropriate facilities why not. One thing that should be well remembered is that whatever the house is and whatever the price, the house is the best place to live.