Epy Kusnandar

SURABAYAPAGI.com, Jakarta - Epy Kusnandar acts as Kang Mus or Muslihat in Preman Penetron Pension. The character is the central figure in the film "Preman Pensiun".

"The challenge is big enough so that the main role is because of my responsibility to face opponents. It can’t stand out on its own, we have to be together. Good players said Didi Petet must be able to make the opponent better, so they must cooperate well," Epy said, met after the premiere of the movie "Preman Pensiun" in Jakarta, Thursday (10/1).

The soap opera " Preman Pensiun" is now appointed to the big screen with the same title.

The film is also Epy’s debut as the main actor in a film. But he admitted that he actually got a big challenge.

Epy also revealed difficulties when acting in soap operas and films. For this film, he said he had to work hard to get maximum results.

"What is definitely more explored in this film is because it’s just a little wrong. Not just wrong dialogue, just feeling wrong."That’s wrong, like, "the audience will be observant, so it takes four times extra hard training," Epy explained.

"In the soap opera the morning comes and immediately shoots, if this has to be a workshop first. Me and my friends quarantine themselves. The canteen goes directly to the market, directly to the terminal, we go for a walk. As soon as take, 21 days of filming don’t have any more difficulties," he continued. rk