2,000 Personel will Secure Presidential Candidates Debates

SURABAYAPAGI.com, Jakarta - Debate on Presidential Candidates (Candidates) and Candidates for Vice President (Cawapres) will be held on Thursday (17/1) at Hotel Bidakara, South Jakarta. To secure these activities, specifically from the Metro Jaya Regional Police, they will deploy up to 2,000 personnel.
"Of course, later on from the Metro Jaya Regional Police are preparing nearly 2,000 personnel, we are preparing to carry out the security," said the Head of Public Relations of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Kombes Argo Yuwono at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Monday (14/1).
The debate between the pairs of candidates (paslon) number 01 and 02 is planned to be held in a closed manner. The masses of each supporter of the candidate will be given a big screen in front of the hotel and are welcome to watch together (nobar) in the hotel courtyard.
Not only from the Metro Jaya Regional Police, the TNI will also mobilize personnel to assist the security process, as it was done in 2014. Supporters are also encouraged to remain orderly when they are on the hotel grounds so that the activity can run smoothly.
"So we secure the debate, hoping that the supporters of each candidate’s vice presidential spouse to implement it, support this activity so that it will run smoothly and smoothly until the activity ends," said Argo.
Regarding the security of traffic flow, he said that he could only be informed about the H-1 debate. The reason is that the police still have to negotiate how many mass supporters of the two candidates will be. In addition, it also still has to determine where the crowds are crowded.
"Of course (for the crucial point) the entrance to the Bidakara Hotel, we will take care of everything. We communicate how many (masses of supporters) are in, how many are allowed to enter, "said Argo, who is also the Chair of the Football Anti-Mafia Task Force Media Team. rk