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5 Iconic Figures from Film

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SURABAYAPAGI.com - Director M Night Shyamalan presented a film titled Glass which aired starting January 16, 2019. The thriller cinema complements the two previous Shyamalan films, Unbreakable and Split.
A number of figures from the previous two films were present again, plus several characters who played an important role in the storyline. Before watching cinema in a cinema, first look at the five iconic figures from the following Glass.
Kevin Wendell Crumb / The Horde

James McAvoy again played the role of Kevin Wendell Crumb, owner of 23 personalities who dub themselves as the herd (The Horde). Men who experience trauma during childhood have complex, interesting, frightening, and dangerous characters around.
David Dunn / The Overseer

A break of 16 years after Unbreakable, David Dunn (Bruce Willis) established a security business with his son. After his wife died of cancer, Dunn devoted himself to fighting evil and was known as The Overseer.
Elijah Price / Mr Glass

At the end of the Unbreakable film, Elijah Price (Samuel L Jackson) confessed to his crime and called himself Mr. Glass’s supervillain. Even though he is now in a wheelchair and is periodically sedated, he remains a ’mastermind’ who holds big secrets about Dunn and Crumb.
Dr. Ellie Staple

Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) is a new character that is important for the whole story. The psychiatrist specializing in dealing with illusory patients initiated a medical experimental procedure for the three main characters. The motive behind the action will be revealed in the film.
Joseph Dunn

Joseph (Spencer Treat Clark) is David’s son. In Unbreakable, nine-year-old Joseph believes in his father’s superpowers. Now, the 25-year-old boy is David’s partner in eradicating crime by monitoring and giving guidance from a far. rk

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