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Adi Soemarmo Airport Closes One Hour Because Fog

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Adi Soemarmo Boyolali Airport

SURABAYAPAGI.com, Boyolali - Adi Soemarmo Boyolali Airport was closed for more than one hour, starting at 06.00-07.23 WIB due to thick fog on Thursday (24/1). "It had been closed for about an hour, this is normal again," said Public Relations Officer Adi Soemarmo Airport Danar Dewi in Boyolali on Thursday.
He said that due to thick knots, at that time visibility was only around 200 meters so it was not possible for pilots to continue operating the aircraft. According to him, during this period there were four flights, namely Citilink Jakarta route with 84 passengers, Sriwijaya Air Jakarta route with 68 people, and two Lion Air flights in Jakarta route with 76 passengers and Denpasar with 116 people.
The four flights must be delayed until normal conditions. He said that Citilink with the QG763 flight number should depart from Solo at 06.00 WIB. Lion Air Jakarta route with flight number JT531 should depart at 06.10 WIB.
In addition, Sriwijaya Air Jakarta route with flight number SJ211 should depart at 06.35 WIB and Lion Air Denpasar route with flight number JT924 should depart at 06.00 WIB.
"Passengers were also conducive, they understood the delay due to bad weather. So there was no protest," he said.
Whereas at the same time, according to the schedule there should be a Garuda Indonesia flight from Jakarta that landed at the airport. "Because of the weather, the plane had a brief holding, but it finally landed safely," he said.
According to him, the opening of the airport was again carried out around 07.23 WIB along with the normal visibility, which is around 1.6 kilometers. rk

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