All Schools Must Be Favorite and Quality, Jakarta - The Indonesia Quality Foundation strongly supports government policy in terms of new Student Admission (PPDB) with a zoning system.
This was conveyed by Prof. Burhanuddin Tola in a monthly Indonesian Quality (IB) discussion, at the IB secretariat in Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta, Saturday (26/1). Present at the discussion were Dr. Jaka Warsihna (general chairman of the IB), Afrizal Sinaro and Ahmad Farid (both IB researchers).
Burhanuddin Tola added, one of the objectives of the zoning system was to eliminate favorite schools. "All schools must be favorite and quality," he said on Sunday (27/1).
He stated, with the implementation of this zoning system, the government must fulfill the facilities of all schools. No less important is increasing human resources (HR) related to the competencies of teachers in schools that are not yet favorites.
"The training or workshop that must be given to the teachers is how each teacher can understand the competencies of each curriculum and the teacher can modify the learning so that students can take lessons easily and pleasantly," he explained.
IB Chairperson, Jaka Warsihna, revealed that one of the IB’s main programs in 2019 is working with the education office in the provincial and district-city governments. "The cooperation is mainly in the context of PPDB," Jaka said. rk