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BNN Founds New Type of Ecstasy Pills

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SURABAYAPAGI.com - Deputy Eradication of the National Narcotics Agency Inspector General Arman Depari, said it found a new type of ecstasy pill drug. Illegal goods are believed to have a high enough influence for those who consume them.
"The ecstasy pill has only been found in Indonesia twice, the first in 2014 and the second in 2019," said Arman, during a narcotics arrest at the North Sumatra Provincial Narcotics Agency (BNN) office on Thursday (24/1).
The type of ecstasy pill, according to him, is very rarely entered into Indonesia, and quite a lot of devotees. The ecstasy pill is far different from the one that entered Indonesia in general.
He said, this ecstasy pill consisted of several colors, and also mixed with BMMA material, and had a production stamp or logo.
In fact, this new model of ecstasy pills, circulated and controlled by drug dealers in Indonesia in 2014, namely Fredy Budiman. Furthermore, the dangerous drugs, found again in the Caribbean KM ship raided by the BNN in collaboration with Customs and Excise officers.
"The BNN officer managed to confiscate 72 kg of shabu-shabu, and 10,000 ecstasy pills," said the former Riau Islands Regional Police Chief (Kepri).
Meanwhile, the National Narcotics Agency again secured 25 kilograms of shabu-shabu, and thousands of ecstasy pills from the Malaysia-Indonesia international network narcotics syndicate. The secured suspect, initials Syaf at Pasar Gruegok, Bireun, Aceh Province.
Of the suspects, officers managed to secure eight kilograms of evidence of shabu-shabu hidden in a black pickup truck BK 8494 KF.
After the arrest, the BNN team conducted a search at the suspect’s home in Muara Batu, North Aceh Regency, and found 17 pieces of methamphetamine evidence, so that the total evidence seized from the suspect was 25 kilograms. rk

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