Brad Pitt is Close to Charlize Theron - After parting with his wife Angelina Jolie in 2016, Brad Pitt is now reportedly close and has a relationship with women who are still from the Hollywood entertainment world. Brad Pitt is rumored to be dating actress Charlize Theron after being introduced by Theron’s ex-fiance, Sean Penn.
Charlize Theron is known to be the recipient of the #SeeHer award at the 24th Critics Choice Awars Event. The relationship between the two was said to have started since Christmas last year. According to The Sun report, this has been Brad’s first serious romantic relationship since he separated from Jolie.
Oscar winner Charlize canceled her marriage to Penn in 2015. Theron, known to have two adopted children, was reported to have visited Pitt’s home in Loz Feliz, LA.
Both Brad, 55, and Charlize, 43, are also known for their romance with other famous stars. One source said, they had been used to meeting each other for almost a month. They have been friends for some time and seem to lead to a romantic relationship.
Last weekend the couple was seen together at an event. When Charlize became a special guest at the Rome exhibition at the Chateau Marmont, LA, Brad then came to the Chateau and approached Charlize at the corner of the bar.
"They look close to their hands on their backs. They both look very happy," said a report.
Meanwhile, spokesman Brad refused to comment on the client’s new romance. Brad, who is a Hollywood Heartthrob, is known to stop drinking alcohol after admitting it was a major problem in his marriage to Jolie.
Last April it was revealed that Angelina had given her access to meet children and their divorce had been officially resolved. But four months later he submitted a document claiming that Brad failed to pay "child support". rk