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Check Food Barcode Identification in the BPOM Mobile Application

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Head of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) Penny K. Lukito

SURABAYAPAGI.com, Jakarta - Since December 2018, the public can check information on various types of products from food, medicine and cosmetics to expiration. This step is done with a barcode in the application of the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) mobile.
Head of BPOM Penny K Lukito said, BPOM as of December 2018 made a breakthrough effort to improve the effectiveness of drug and food supervision, namely the application of 2D barcodes in medicinal and food products by creating BPOM Mobile applications.
"So and identify the product. Then the public can check the product on the BPOM Mobile application with a barcode," he said when met on the presentation of the BPOM 2018 performance, in Jakarta, Tuesday (15/1).
The way to use the application, he added, is that the public can click check the product then the application will read and scan barcodes on the product packaging. After that, he added, identification and information on supplement products, food, cosmetics and medicines will be obtained.
However, he added, specifically for medicinal products including hard drugs, additional information on serialization was obtained which contained additional information on the batch code and product serial number.
Not only that, in the details of the medicinal product there is also a further check facility and product details will be notified starting from the registration number, product name, brand or trade name, validity period, packaging and shape, for example cans and net contents, then the distribution permit applies then the name of the registrant, the address to the factory address.
He said, since his party made a regulation on barcodes in December 2018 products, up to now there were 21 food products and five types of drugs that had barcodes and known information.
"So that the product can be traced," he said.
In addition, he added, the application also has a complaints channel. Therefore, he added, when the initial download of the application there will be a request from the application to tag the location because it aims to detect the location of the product and make it easy for BPOM supervisors to track where it is located.
"So if the product is illegal, the location will be immediately known and the community can report it," he said.
He added, since it was enacted in December 2018, the producers and businesses of these products were given the opportunity to have to replace the product packaging for six months by including the barcode.
BPOM targets that in the next five years all products will include barcodes and be identified. Now his side continues to socialize to the public regarding this matter.
"Now they (the community) can upload and scan if they find a product that is considered suspicious. Thus this technology makes supervision carried out together," he said.
Moreover, he added, the public could also report if dangerous products were found and BPOM could find out because they already knew from the location tag agreement. rk

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