Domestic Cooperation can Increase Regional Potential

In the event entitled Indonesian Economic Talkshow Outlook: Increasing Competitiveness to Encourage Exports at the Ballroom of Ritz Carlton Pacific Hotel, Jakarta, East Java Governor Soekarwo said that cooperation between regions can be done by strengthening the domestic market, strengthening the processing industry base on various islands and supporting human resources.
Soekarwo also said that East Java has 26 trade representative offices (KPD) in 26 provinces that greatly help improve cooperation between regions.
He gave an example that East Java had been collaborating with Bulungan Regency, North Kalimantan. The collaboration was through a trade mission in 2016 by importing onions from East Java worth Rp. 980 million per month.
He also sent farmers to the place to help Bulungan’s farm and it worked positively.
"In addition to cooperation between regions, there are three important aspects. That is production, financing, and marketing, "said Soekarwo.
East Java focuses on aspects of HR development. Other steps were also taken such as product standardization, increased value-added products, and availability of land, sea and air infrastructure.
The financing is carried out by fiscal engineering and creative engineering methods. Fiscal engineering through the establishment of BUMD in the pharmaceutical sector, the establishment of health and non-health Regional Public Service Agencies (BLUD).