Drowning High School Student in Palembang

SURABAYAPAGI.com - A female high school student in Palembang was found drowned on Thursday (10/1). Precisely in the Port Boom Bar area. Previously it was known he plunged from the Ampera Bridge on Wednesday (9/1).
The body of Eni Ulan Sari, a student of class X, one of the public high schools in Palembang, was immediately recognized through school clothes that were still worn. While for facial conditions it is difficult to recognize.
The victim’s mother and grandmother were seen crying hysterically when they discovered the body found was Eni Ulan Sari. According to Eni’s grandmother, Mariana, her grandson came from Dusun Bumi Genap, Lunjung Agung Subdistrict, South OKU. Eni is a student in class X of SMA 10.
"He (Eni) just came home from the hamlet because of a school holiday, if he had previously lived with his uncle. But now he is boarding alone not far from home," he said.
For what problems caused the victims to plunge from the Ampera Bridge, according to him, the family did not know at all. "Because Eni has not had any problems so far, we are also not sure that our family will go alone," he said.
Palembang Police Officer Aiptu Bulyani S said the bodies of the victims were found around the PT Pusri factory with floats complete with school uniforms, Thursday (10/1) morning at around 10:00 WIB.
"Based on the video circulating in social media, the victim is a student of one of the state high schools in Palembang City who jumped in and the Ampera Bridge. For the motives of the plunge victim, it is not yet known," he said. rk