Fake News Maker 7 Ballot Containers Caught in Bekasi

Issues related to ballot carried by 7 containers published became a trend for online news portals.
In the end, the police issued Ketua Umum Dewan Koalisi Relawan Nasional (Kornas) Prabowo, Bagus Bawana Putra, regarding the creation of idle content.
As was known by the public, news spread by Democratic Party Secretary General Andi Arief via twitter which reads seven containers containing ballot of 2019 election had been punched in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.
Later, due to being accused of spreading deception, Andi Arief instead reported people who considered him a hoax spreader.
On the other hand, the arrest of Bagus Bawana Putra was responded to by Prabowo’s side. They reasoned that Bagus Bawana Putra was not part of Prabowo Sandi’s winning team.
Gerindra Party Deputy Chairman Ferry Juliantono said that Bagus Bawana Putra was not part of his Gerindra party.
As reported by CNN, Ferry via a short message said, "Not our (Gerindra) volunteers."
The arrest was confirmed by the Head of the Public Information Bureau of the National Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo.
"It was secured in Bekasi, currently being investigated by a team of investigators," said Dedi to Jawapos.