•   Senin, 30 Maret 2020
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Gisel-Gading Officially Divorced

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Gisella Anastasia

SURABAYAPAGI.com, Surabaya - Gisella Anastasia and Gading Marten, officially divorced after undergoing a divorce verdict in the South Jakarta District Court on Wednesday (23/1). Asked about plans in the future, Gisel claimed to want to ’take a breath’ for a moment first.
’’What is it, not thinking. Come on, take a breath first,’’ Gisel said after being met with a divorce verdict in the South Jakarta District Court, Jakarta, Wednesday.
The mother of Gempita Nora Marten admitted that she was still confused about what to do. What is certain is that it will work immediately.
"Keep working, take care of Gempi, take a walk, hahahaha," he said. "Come on, what have you not thought?"
Gisel also claimed not to think to open a new page by changing his appearance. He felt he didn’t have to do it as soon as possible.
"No, not yet. It’s really orange hair, it’s not painted yet. Later, ’’explained Gisel. "Calm down first, take a breath first." rk

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