KPK Secure Mesuji Regent - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) again conducted a Hand-Catching Operation (OTT) on Wednesday (23/1). In this first hand arrest carried out in 2019, the action team also secured a regional head.
From the info gathered, the secured regional heads were Mesuji Regent, Khamami and a number of parties from the private sector. "There are elements of the regional head and the private sector," said KPK Public Relations Kabiro, Febri Diansyah in a short message to reporters on Thursday (24/1).
Febri revealed, this silent operation was carried out in three locations in Lampung. The KPK prosecution team also helped secure some of the money stored in cardboard boxes. Until now, the team is still counting.
"One cardboard box was secured, a Rp 100,000 fraction," he said.
Allegedly, continued Febri, there had been a transaction related to the road project at the PUPR Office in Mesuji Regency, Lampung. "Allegedly related to infrastructure projects at the PUPR Mesuji Office," he said.
At present the Regent and the arrested parties are still in the Lampung Regional Police and Mesuji Regional Police to undergo an initial examination.
It is planned that those who are secured will immediately be taken to Jakarta. The KPK has 1x24 hours to determine the status of the parties secured in the capture of the hand. rk