•   Sabtu, 28 Maret 2020

Many Indonesian Students Tricked and Slaved by Taiwan Internships Programs

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John Chung Chen (tengah, jas hitam), Ketua Eksekutif TETO. Foto: Jawapos

SURABAYAPAGI.com - Sad news hit hundreds of Indonesian students who moved to Taiwan. A number of news sources said, the students who were deceived by scholarships to study in Taiwan, claimed to be "slaved" in that country. The unlucky students were not only forced to work hard at the factories, but they were also paid very poor.
The incident come from an internship program conducted by several universities in Taiwan. The “trap program” has been running for two years.
In his admission, the Taiwanese Government acknowledged that many third parties or illegal agents used internship programs that were opened by a number of universities in their country to "trick" prospective international students, including Indonesian students.
Furthermore, the Taiwan Government for two years in running an internship program, their students were not experienced in running the international scale program. As a result, they use third parties or outside agents to take care of student exchange programs.
The Taiwan Economic and Trade Office (TETO) in Jakarta, explained that a case like this (a trapping program) occurred because of the lack of programmatic lecture schemes which were eventually used by agents to illegally recruit outside students and make huge profits.
To evaluate the Taiwanese Government itself, they will tighten rules that prohibit foreign students from using the services of third parties or agents to enroll in universities and colleges in Taiwan.
TETO, through its representative, John Chung Chen, also appealed to Indonesian students who were deceived to report immediately.
"The current regulation of the Taiwan government does not allow the international student registration process through agents, it must go directly to the university. This policy causes agents to become dislike and not a few who make negative news," Chen said.

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