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Minimarket and Supermarket Requested to Sell Local Products

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SURABAYAPAGI.com, Tangerang - Tangerang Mayor Arief R Wismansyah hopes that Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) products can be sold in various retail shopping in Tangerang City. Therefore, he asked minimarket and supermarket entrepreneurs in Tangerang City to sell local products.
"The target is 15 percent of products sold by minimarkets and supermarkets in Tangerang City must sell SME products," he said on Wednesday (16/1).
The entry of Tangerang City UKM products to shopping centers is expected to encourage economic improvement for industry players in Tangerang City. In addition, he wanted the products of UKM in Tangerang City to be widely known by the public.
"Starting from typical foods to souvenirs, they can be sold at existing department stores. Let Tangerang people be the host in their own city," he said.
A similar appeal was also conveyed by the Klungkung Regency Government. In fact, the district government has required supermarkets to store local products by enacting Klungkung Regional Regulation No. 13 of 2018 concerning the Structuring and Guidance of the People’s Market, Shopping Centers and Supermarkets dated 18 December 2018.
Member of the Klungkung Regional Representative Council (DPRD), Gede Artison Andarawarta claimed to support a regional regulation that regulates supermarkets or shops / businesses where buyers serve themselves, except payments to cashiers.
"The large consortium with large capital and extensive network is different from the people’s shops/shops that are served by small capital sellers, so it needs to be regulated so as not to harm the community," said the Chairperson of the Klungkung Regional Legislative Council.
In the regional regulation, self-service opening hours are set at 22.00 WITA. This is done to protect people’s shops so that the capital turnaround is swirled in Klungkung, rather than being siphoned off only by large supermarkets that are based in the capital or major cities on average.
"The issue of opening hours has also been given concessions for supermarkets that will be open 24 hours with the rules of Regional Heads / Regents and of course taking care of their permits. In addition to opening hours, zoning and distance of supermarkets with people’s markets will also be taken into account so as not to kill local small businesses capital, lose the network and lose the system," he said.
In this regulation also included the obligation to absorb and market local products in supermarkets up to 25 percent, and require a special place for that. "So, we don’t just become a market but also have to be a producer of products, who knows how superior and translucent our local products will be," he said. rk

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