So Exciting! Stay at Jakarta Capsule Hotels, Jakarta - Capsule hotels are now becoming a trend among travelers. For those of you who have a hobby of traveling, there’s nothing wrong with trying to stay overnight and feel the sensation of sleeping in a capsule.
In Indonesia, this hotel can be found in several cities, one of which is Jakarta Hotel in the Thamrin area, Jakarta. Located in the city center, this hotel is very easy to find and easy to reach with a variety of public transportation.
Jakpod Hotel consists of 76 capsules which are divided into five rooms. To maintain comfort and privacy, capsules between female and male guests are provided separately. The details, 22 capsules for female guests and 54 capsules for male guests.
Every guest staying will be given one card to access the room and capsule. Concept of spaceship, capsule has a futuristic design with all-white shades. With a size of 2x1 meters, capsules are perfect for travelers who like to travel solo.
Capsules are equipped with a number of facilities that are guaranteed to make guests feel at home and comfortable lingering in the capsule even though alone. Inside the capsules are provided quality mattresses, blankets, TVs, charging pots, headsets, Wifi and futuristic lights that can be controlled with the touch system.
Made of ABS plastic, the same material as the aircraft cabin, the capsule is claimed to be safe even for children. "It can be for mothers and children under five. There is also a concentration in each capsule to be safe," said Jakpod Hotel Representative, Yanto Suherman, Monday (21/1).
In one room consists of 10 to 30 capsules complete with shower cubicles and toilets in them. There are also two capsules with jumbo sizes that can be used for two people. However, this new jumbo capsule is only available for female guests.
In addition, each guest is also provided with a storage cabinet or locker. With a large enough size, the locker can hold one large size suitcase and one small size bag. Inside the locker, also provide toiletries, hotel sandals and mineral water.
In order for guests not to get bored, the hotel also provides a number of games as part of room facilities such as chess, ludo and PS4. Like most hotels, new guests can check in at two o’clock and check out up to 12 noon.
To stay at the Jakarta Hotel, guests are only charged Rp 128 thousand per night for a single size capsule. While the jumbo size capsules are priced at Rp 188 thousand. rk