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The Reason Yovie Widianto Came Out from "Yovie & Nuno"

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Yovie Widianto

SURABAYAPAGI.com - Yovie Widianto’s decision in November 2018 to quit the band Yovie & Nuno was very surprising. However, this separation is not the end of creativity.
"I have the last declaration playing with Yovie & Nuno. I am the producer. There will be a new keyboard player who replaced me on Yovie & Nuno," he said.
Yovie claimed to be the person behind the scenes from Yovie & Nuno. Why did Yovie make that decision? Health has declined which is the reason.
The automatic age factor makes it no longer as healthy as it once was. "January 51 years, the appearance can look like a young person. But the inner casing has changed. There is a rhythm that must be reduced," he said.
The majority of Yovie & Nuno are young people. Unlike the senior band Kahitna whose members were the same age as Yovie.
If their age, they will think of health reasons when they have to perform outside the city. Whereas young people are different. "Yovie & Nuno are younger. I don’t want to hinder Yovie & Nuno’s activities for many performances," he said.
Yovie is an Indonesian musician who has long been active in the Indonesian music scene. Consistency in music is the key to the existence of a band or musician in a career. Many stories accompany, but separation can be a new beginning that gives a lot of color in the lyrics and songs that are created.
Yovie Widianto will be performing with Yovie & Nuno in Love Festival Vol 3 at the JCC, February 8, 2019. This proves that Yovie Widianto will never forget Yovie & Nuno. rk

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