illustration of murder - Alejandro Aparicio, mayor of Tlaxiaco in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico, was killed less than two hours after taking office. Aparicio has just been appointed as Mayor of Tlaxiaco on Tuesday (1/1).

Oaxaca’s attorney general’s office explained, after the inauguration, Aparicio traveled to a meeting at the town hall along with several of his colleagues. At that time a man suddenly opened fire on them and concerning Aparicio.

Aparicio and three of his colleagues were quickly rushed to the local hospital. Moments later, the mayor was declared dead because of internal bleeding after suffering a gunshot wound in his right lung.

A colleague was also declared dead on Wednesday (2/1). While two other people who suffered gunshot wounds were still hospitalized.

Aparicio had just toured several offices in his city when he was shot on the street. In the video of the shootings that were uploaded on Facebook, dozens of his supporters were confused after seeing the attack.

They then detained a man responsible for the attack. 34-year-old man who was only identified as J.M.V. has been arrested in connection with the death of Aparicio.

The suspect, who is from the State of Chiapas, was previously a police officer in northern Mexico. The authorities believe he is the only person associated with Aparicio’s death.

Oaxaca’s governor, Alejandro Murat, condemned the attack and called for a comprehensive investigation into the murder of Aparicio.

"I strongly condemned the attack on the mayor of Tlaxiaco. I expressed my condolences to his family and people at Tlaxiaco," Murat wrote on Twitter.

Aparicio was a member of the first left-wing Morena party to be elected mayor of Tlaxiaco. The party also carries Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

President Lopez Obrador told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday (2/1) that he was surprised by the attack. According to him, Oaxaca is one of the safest states in the country.

Aparicio is the second mayor killed in Mexico since President Lopez Obrador took office last month. At least 72 mayors have been killed since 2006, according to the Mexican Mayor’s Association. rk