Trump did’nt give a questioning session for White House reporters - United States President Donald Trump gave a shocking appearance in his first appearance at the White House briefing room on Thursday (1/3). Trump not only made strange statements about drones but also left without questioning.

"This is a beautiful room," Trump said after looking around the briefing room as reported by Business Insider.

This is the first time Trump stands on the podium as president in the White House briefing room. However, Trump’s media briefing session only lasted less than 10 minutes.

Trump began his briefing by congratulating Nancy Pelosi for being elected as a spokesman for the new House of Representatives. After that, Trump immediately changed the subject and discussed border security issues.

Not much new information was revealed in this briefing. Some of the things he talked about were immigration issues and the importance of building a barrier wall between the United States and Mexico.

"You can call it a wall, you can call it a barrier, (whatever) you want," Trump told the media.

In this briefing, Trump also claims that no one who understands drones is better than himself. According to Trump, the use of drones and various forms of sensors will not be able to stop the problems that exist in the United States.

"Nobody knows better about drone technology than me," Trump claims.

At the same time as this media briefing session, Trump also uploaded a photo of himself on Twitter. The photo comes with the description "The Wall is Coming" borrowing a conversation from the series "Game of Throne".

Another surprising thing about Trump’s appearance in the briefing room was the question. After finishing speaking, Trump immediately left the briefing room without providing an opportunity for the media to ask questions.

After Trump’s appearance, many White House reporters complained because they could not ask questions. Though this briefing session is a media briefing session where the media can usually ask questions to the president. rk