Mark Zuckerberg’s resolution in 2019 - Like most people, Mark Zuckerberg has a personal resolution in every new year. This year he planned a public discussion about technology for the community.
"Every week, I will speak with leaders, experts, and people from our community who come from various fields. I will try a different format to keep it interesting," Zuckerberg said, quoted by Reuters.
This open discussion event will be held through Facebook Zuckerberg account, or Instagram or other medium.
Zuckerberg uploaded his personal resolution on his Facebook account, he did it every year. In previous years, he had resolved to study Mandarin and read two books a month.
At the end of last December, towards the end of 2018, Zuckerberg uploaded his resolution to Facebook, that is, he wanted to fix the social networking platform from the problems that exist today, from speech hate to political intervention through social media.
Facebook to overcome this problem has made the fact check (fact checking) work with various institutions, close suspicious accounts and pages, and improve their systems so they can recognize fake accounts.
Despite various efforts, regulators and legislators in various countries continue to accuse Facebook of not trying enough to overcome these problems. rk