•   Sabtu, 11 April 2020
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The Fugitive Wisnu Wardhana was Finally Caught

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Wisnu Wardhana (black cap) finally arested. Photo by: Dokumen Kejari Surabaya

On this morning a fugitive case for the illegal sale of land assets, Wisnu Wardhana was successfully arrested by the Surabaya Kejari and Intelligence apparatus. Wisnu Wardhana was arrested on Jl. Raya Kenjeran through a series of intelligence actions, pursuit and forced cessation.
Three weeks before the arrest, the Kejari received a copy of the Supreme Court’s decision (salinan putusan Mahkamah Agung) on Wisnu’s release from the sentence after making an appeal first.
After a copy of the letter was received, the intelligence moved clandestinely to trace Wishnu’s footsteps. Previously, information gathering was very intense.
The intelligence team and the Kejari tracked the places where Wishnu often visited. The intelligence team also placed its personnel at several operating points.
From the information gathered, the intelligence team and the Kejari got information that Wisnu was out of town and would return to Surabaya in some time.
When Wisnu was in Surabaya (Pasar Turi area), the team did not immediately ambush, but choose to follow. The ambush was then carried out when Wisnu drove a car in the area of ??Jl. Raya Kenjeran.
The besieged Wishnu apparently shows no sign of giving up. An intelligence personnel even stopped Wishnu’s car right in front, but he continued to drive the car and ran over the blocking motorbike. Luckily the driver can be saved.
In the drama of arresting Wishnu this morning, it seems that Wisnu escaped a car with his son. When he was arrested, his son did not accept and shouted for his father.

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